Monday, April 15, 2013

Not a Great Start...

I promised myself I would photograph everything I eat, whether or not it's a cheat meal, or a healthy day. Well, the boyfriend and I went out to eat and I'm not proud that a sushi buffet was technically our first meal of the day, but it was delicious! This means I have to work extra hard this week.

One thing I hate feeling is being super full after a meal to the point where I can't move, or breathe! I've never felt so full like I did this after our outing at Tomi Sushi Buffet. It's been quite a long time since I've eaten like that. When I do feel that full, it reminds me how much I never want to eat like that again.

I woke up with a sore throat and some allergies; I hope it's because my boyfriend keeps his ceiling fan on and his window open at night when we sleep.

My only plate at Tomi Sushi Buffet in Concord, CA. Sake Salmon sashimi is my favorite.

One bowl of hot & sour soup (my favorite!)

As bad as it is, I can't go to a buffet without going to the dessert table. Green tea ice cream, flakey cracker with buttercream frosting, chocolate mousse, green tea mousse.

My favorite carbonated drink at Lucky's. Zero calories, zero grams of sugar.

My boyfriend and I finished a pack of seaweed. It's a great crunchy snack without being too salty. 

Tried an instant mix of Thai Iced tea.

Our take at homemade, Japanese style Ramen. Poached egg, chicken, green onions, corn, green beans, and of course, Ramen noodles.

Who remembers these jellies?! Ended my meal with three of these.

I'm not afraid to admit that today wasn't the healthiest day at all; I only ate two times during the day (when you're supposed to eat between four and six times) and I had a ton of sweets. Slowly but surely, I'll be making progress. :)

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