Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Honest Truth.

It's my own fault that I've been neglecting this little blog of mine; there's no reason to blame any outside forces as to why I haven't been writing my daily ramblings.

I won't lie, these past few months have been a blessing and a curse at the very exact same time.

For one, I can now call myself a full-time employee at a wonderful place! It's so funny how a job shift can change your attitude and your pride for something. I don't think I've latched on to something and felt so proud about it in such a short amount of time. For those of you who aren't aware, I was hired as a Reservationist for Alifa Wong Beauty & Bridal in San Francisco. SOOO many people are confused because of the "BRIDAL" term in the name of the place. In simple terms, we are a beauty lounge that offers manicures and pedicures (nail art as well), waxing, sugaring, facials, makeup, and eyelash extensions. The bridal part comes in next year when we open our bridal gown boutique. And what makes us special? The bridal gowns are designed by our team overseas so pretty much, nobody else has our gown since they are exclusively made for us. The bridal gown boutique is going to be quite a project, but I can't wait for it to develop.. It'll be like my little baby. So for now, I've been getting more and more involved with our marketing and creating new ideas to help business grow even faster.

Now, why have these last few months been a curse as well? I have to admit, when I look back on the past, I look at how dedicated I was on working out and eating healthy. Sad to say, my full-time job switch has been my reason for the past few months and I know it's not a valid excuse! There is ALWAYS time to make room in the day for a workout, even if it's only for 45 minutes. With that, I've been getting quite lazy and comfortable with food; I get whatever is convenient since I feel like my time is limited each day because of work. I really need to keep up with everything and get back to how I was once. It's weird, but I definitely miss working out and feeling strong. Each week, I keep telling myself, "this will be the week!" But, I know the longer I keep pushing that back, the worse I'm going to feel. SO! Once again, here's to a new week!

I've also realized how important it is to maintain relationships with loved ones. I must say, I haven't done my fair share, but it is SO important to keep friends and family close. I feel a big reason for me drifting away is my attitude. I definitely don't feel I'm as happy and alert as I was, and this definitely proves that everything ties together. When I was working out, I definitely felt much more energized and ready to give everyone my undivided everyone and anyone. Not to say that I'm a miserable "old" lady now, I'm just not very open to doing much anymore.

These are all changes that are so simple to change myself, the willpower in me needs to kick in and get moving! Other than that, I am quite content with my life and I wouldn't change anything (even my past actions) for the world. Things happen for a reason and there's not much explanation for that. Cheers everyone!