Tuesday, April 16, 2013

I Love Colorful Vegetables!

Today was definitely NOT the best day for me. What I thought was allergies this weekend, I think has unfortunately turned into somewhat of a cold. I woke up feeling extremely groggy and ended up sleeping in until almost 11:00am. My throat is pretty sore, my allergies are off the chain, my nose is stuffy and I just feel generally sick overall. So, I decided to take a DayQuil which I'm not sure helped. I also decided to take a 12 hour decongestant to help my sinuses, which worked for about an hour.

Of course, I decided to be a trooper and worked my five hour shift today. The last time I did this, I woke up the next day feeling even worse which made me call out of work. I'm hoping this doesn't happen to me again.. I can't afford to miss more days of work!

I know some people say to go workout and break a sweat; it'll help me sweat the sickness out. But I definitely feel there's a fine line. If you feel like you're weak and the cold is starting to get the best of you, I don't even try to go near a gym. I know my body, and I know when I'll be ready to get back into my routine. Of course, it's such a disappointment that I'm not working out at the gym (I always feel so productive when I'm working out!), but I need to remember to take care of myself first.

My 11:00am breakfast; cheese bagel with lowfat cream cheese.

Breakfast was accompanied by half an avocado with some lemon juice.

Chicken breast, half of an avocado and veggies (zucchini, bell peppers and mushrooms) all drizzled with some lemon juice.

My sweet snack: A super soft, moist Madeline cookie. :)

Dinner is served! I finished half of the chicken, half of the macaroni and maybe two spoonfuls of rice. Saved the rest for later.

I didn't drink any kind of soda or juices today. Strictly just water and some tea. I definitely need to get better ASAP!

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